You can contact me via phone or email and then we will set up an appointment if you are local to the North Houston area.  I often meet clients in Montgomery County near Conroe, The Woodlands or Montgomery.  If you aren’t able to meet in person, then I am happy to work with you over the internet and phone calls.

We have many samples of past work that can be a great jumping off point.  You can share your Pinterest board for your wedding, other party elements and some fonts and styles that you love.  We take all this inspiration and create a custom design that will coordinate with you event.

When we meet, it’s best to have some colors in mind and even words like vintage, rustic, elegant, casual, whimsy, sophisticated (and others) can be helpful.

Once we have an agreed on starting point, you will receive a quote to look over.  A 50% is required in order to begin design work and to order paper.  The balance is due upon the delivery of the order.  Minor changes can be made to the order once the deposit is made.  If you need to change your number please make sure we have enough time to order more paper.  If you reduce your number significantly once paper has already been ordered then you will be responsible for the whole paper fee, but you will get to keep anything not used in your design.


All pricing is à la carte.  You are paying for exactly what you need.  If you only need 57 invitations, then you only have to order 57.  No need to bump up to 75 or even 100.  This also means that each piece is priced individually.  If you need a separate map/directions card, you can add one.  No need to add it if you it’s not what you need.

Production time depends on how busy JPK is when you order and how involved your design is.  Items that are printed off-site take about 7 days, but that is not a guarantee.  Please allow plenty of time so that neither of us feel rushed.


Social invitations should go about 4-6 weeks before an event.  Wedding invitations should be mailed 8 weeks prior.  Please keep these times in mind.


That being said, I don’t want to be a vendor that will make you feel bad for having other things going on.  If I can help and get something to you, I would love to be able to.

We offer mostly digital flat printing, or offset printing.  We can order die cut cards, foiled pieces and specialty printing through trusted trade professionals with our custom designs.