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Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I hope that if we haven’t met in person that we get to do that soon (or virtually).

I am blessed to be able to do this business. I believe that planning and hosting an event shouldn’t be hard, but it does take intention. Often, the best move is to hire someone knowledgeable who can help. I pride myself on being able to listen to your plans and see your inspiration and then join all of those ideas into something that is perfectly customized for you. That is why JPK began; to be able to help you have an invitation you love without having to search aimlessly for something that is just okay.

I live and work in Montgomery, Texas and I take appointments in person from The Woodlands to the 105 corridor. If we can’t find a time to meet in person, we can meet virtually online. I have designed for family, friends and clients on the West coast several times. I have a flexible schedule and I can meet on evenings and weekends if studio hours don’t fit your schedule.

quick facts about me

quick facts about me

-Married to David, the love of my life, for 22+ years.  We chose to get married on the first day of the Millennium and so we can always figure out how many days we've been married. 

-Mom to these cute boys!  Being the only female in the house is fun & wild and I can definitely appreciate all of the beautiful things I work with.

-David is the senior pastor at our church.  So when I started my business I was wanting to have something fulfilling, fun and also allowed me to still serve alongside him.

-I am a self-taught graphic designer.  Before starting this business, I was a youth pastor for over 15 years, I have a Masters in Theology and am ordained.

-I started Jo's Paper Kitchen and 2 weeks later found out we were pregnant with our youngest. At that point there was no turning back, I was super excited for all the invitations and envelopes!

-I love sleeping in, coffee, podcasts, shoe shopping, Top Chef, collecting cookbooks, and going out to breakfast. Flips flops in the summer & Uggs in the winter.

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