There is no birthday, spring tea party, summer barbecue, or holiday that doesn’t call for an invitation or a greeting. But it is always so hard to find that perfect 37th birthday party invite on the shelves at the big box stores. And it’s impossible to find a Christmas card to send to all your family and friends that already has your family’s picture and names on it…and that doesn’t look exactly like five other Christmas cards you received last year. That is why custom design is so helpful. We can take your ideas, translate them into a design, and your party invite or holiday card is as unique as your party or family.

Another way to celebrate is to give the gift of stationery. A perfect teacher gift or way to say thanks…or just because. Custom recipe cards for your aunt who is impossible to shop for at the holidays? We are always cooking up new ideas, so let us know what and who you are celebrating, and we can suggest a unique paper gift.