Growing up, the most creative room in the house was our family’s kitchen. A little of “this” and a dash of “that” were always transformed into something that was made with care and love, and sure to please. It is that same attitude that I bring to my design work. There isn’t just one perfect recipe for an invitation. So let’s work together to create just what you and your guests will appreciate and enjoy.

We have a cupboard full of designs for you to use as a starting place for your own unique look, but we also love to throw out the recipe and start from scratch.about me bannerJoanna Kenney has spent the better part of the last decade in design. In that time, she’s also moved from California to Texas, had two of the world’s most precious boys, designed invitations for weddings, a few at which she also served as an officiant (she’s an ordained minister!), AND dedicated time to her role as a pastor’s wife. Whew! Joanna enjoys the Paper Kitchen along with her actual kitchen. She can be caught reading cookbooks in bed and trying out new recipes and foods for her family and friends. She loves to host a Soup Night at Christmastime on what would normally be a cold winter night, but, in Texas, it could be cold but it’s probably hot. The soups are always a hit, but the conversation and laughter in her kitchen is the best part.

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