I love seeing couples have a moment when they see their names on their invite
it gets real, real!

Your invitations should reflect you as a couple and your wedding day plans.
Everything is custom designed. You can use one our existing designs as inspiration or we can start completely from scratch.  No matter what you choose your guests will be thrilled to receive something so special.  And you will still swoon over your invitations on anniversaries to come!

With every JPK project, you can order exactly what you need and each piece is hand assembled and finished to be ready to go. You aren't ordering a project that will take several evenings to assemble.

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What's Included

The Invitation and mailing envelope are the essential pieces that each suite will include.
I walk you through the best choices for

paper choice | fonts colors | artwork
printing technique

paper choice | fonts |colors
artwork | printing technique

The worst feeling is getting invitations ready to go and then thinking about the huge task of having to get them all ready to mail

custom Envelope addressing is included in all orders

custom Envelope addressing is included in all orders

If you are using a calligrapher blank envelopes can be delivered
to have ahead of mailing time. Looking for a calligrapher? I know some great ones

RSVP's + Details

When to send?

Wedding invitations should go out anywhere from 6-12 weeks ahead of the event

This is all dependent on whether you sent Save the Dates and where your wedding is.  I suggest 8-10 weeks as a great rule of thumb.  This allows you plenty of time to ask for RSVP's back at 3-4 weeks.


Most couples spend between $9-$15 per household for an addressed suite with 4-8 pieces. 

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Response + Details


There are only so many times in life to host an event with response cards.  This powerful tool is also a great way to let guests know if you are saving a seat for their date and/or child.  No awkward phone calls. Each card can be personalized with exact number of seats you decide. If you are having guests from out of the country or a more modern crowd and want to manage your RSVP's only digitally, we can create an enclosure card with a QR code and website addresses.


This is the proper place to include any other details about your event.  If you are having a room block, special transportation, your wedding website & hashtag. A map to the venue can also be included. FIY, registry information shouldn't be included in a wedding invitation.  Put those links on your website or simply tell someone when they ask.  The exception is on a shower invite.



This is where your personality and creativity can really show through!

belly bands
vellum wraps
silk or satin ribbons
wax seals
laser cuts
swarovski crystals
handmade paper

We source the best from all over the globe. prices fluctuate.  

When to send

Custom invitation experience

custom design
perfect for couples who:

1. Want to be involved in the design process and create something special and unique
2. Or don't want to be involved and trust my aesthetic and will "know it when they see it"
3. Have some complexity to their event with multiple events or guest counts to manage.
4. Have larger guest list and the assembly seems daunting.
5. Have an amazing wedding planner and want me to work directly with her behind the scenes add special details to make the design so special.

The Process

from meeting to mailing

Initial Meeting

When you are ready to get some personalized time to sit and walk through everything that you need, it's time for a consultation.  I love to be able to sit across a table from couples and share samples and swatches and come up with a concept that is perfect.  
If you click the appointment button above you will be able to book an in person or online appointment.

Proposal, Deposits & Contract

From that initial meeting I can write a custom quote.  Often I can do that at our meeting.  Once you agree to the quote I collect a deposit of 50%.  If the quantity needs to change slightly after the deposit has been paid that is fine.  All of the nitty-gritty business part is managed online through email & a Client portal.

Proofs & Design

You will see an online digital proof of each piece of the project.  Nothing gets printed until you have approved it.  For invitations the main piece will be proofed first to determine our style guidelines for all other pieces.  
It is important to be very careful when reading through proofs.  
This is the portions of the process that can allow for revisions and edits.  Depending on the timeline there may be periods of time where we aren't communicating and that is OK.  It is all normal. 

Approval & Printing

Once every portion of the suite has been proofed and approved, The production will begin.  There are times when elements like a wax seal or piece that goes out to another press will be printed before the entire suite is approved.  
All of the printing and assembly is hand done and double checked.

Delivery & Mailing

Final payment is due once the final design is approved.  Invitations can be picked up in Montgomery, Texas or we can arrange shipping.
Envelopes are delivered stuffed but not sealed. This is so you can inspect all work.  You will seal and stamp each envelope then take to the post office.  


The minimum for the custom design invitation experience is $3500 for wedding stationery. This can include Save the Dates, Custom Designed invitations, and Day of Pieces to create a seamless look to your whole event.
The Curated Collection is available without a minimum investment. 

"But they just go in the trash" Absolutely not!! Your guests will hang them on their refrigerator or calendar boards for months. And, invitations are actually one of the only things for your wedding day that will be with you for decades. I still have mine in my folder I used to plan my own wedding back in 1999. My mom has hers from 1968. It is something to be cherished, so the investment is worth it.

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